It’s true that most of us struggle to feel worthy. We struggle for moments where we can deeply feel we are truly enough. We get lost sometimes in our search for confidence, or meaning in life. We fail to understand peace and over come stress. If this sounds like you, there’s a key ability that you must master.

I have dedicated my life to straighten the wrinkles in people’s life and strive to unlock the best of human potential. In that pursuit, I am astonished at how many people safeguard their limitations (almost to the death). They quarrel for why they can’t change. They forbid their potential. They will prove to themselves no matter what that they cannot do it.

Of their worthlessness they are sure.

There is only one way out of this self-sabotage: Exchange shielding your worthlessness to being inquisitive about your excellence.

 You don’t need to trust it completely… you can begin with being inquisitive.

Imagine a scenario where you were sufficient. Imagine a scenario in which you were admired. Imagine a scenario in which you were guided. Consider the possibility that you are upheld. Imagine a scenario where you are adored.

What if?

That would be such a wonderful place to perceive life.

Somewhere down in your heart you realize that you are all that you could possibly be, that you are unique, you have conviction, you have instinct, you have support, you have love and that there is a piece of you that is untainted by the past traumas of life.

If you are searching for answers, the best thing to do is hold, get still and tune in.

Developing the capacity to listen to our internal voice, our heart, our instinct is maybe the most imperative ability we will ever learn.

If you basically exchanged all the time you spend shielding why you can’t have the life you want and rather took up the act of really tuning in, your entire life would change.

When you know how to listen to your own inner voice, you then can truly listen to others, rather than sitting tight for your turn to talk.

Listening is the quickest way to accomplishment anything.

Trees are my joyful place and a walk down the avenue helps me hear the whispers of my instinct much clearer.

Where do you hear your whispers? Is it in the back seat of the car? Or a coffee shop?

Keep in mind to get out there… make a move and make it count.

What if you’re not your failure?

What if you’re bigger than your fear?

What if you’re important to someone you are yet to meet?

What if there’s a second chance?


What if the future could be waaaaaaay better than the past?

 What if?

January 21, 2017 Author: webmaster
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