New Year’s topics I refuse to talk about: worthless tips on green smoothies, vision boarding, or how you make money in three weeks.

If you think protein shakes are the secret to an awesome year, unsubscribe. Everyone else, let’s talk.

EVERYONE loves talking about what they want to do. The fantasy part is the fun part.

There’s just one problem…

You’ve seen what happens when fantasy hits reality and lands with a thud. Ahem! Anyone who’s brought whipped cream into the bedroom knows what I’m talking about.

That’s why our minds find it so uncomfortable to live in fantasyland for too long. Oh sure, I want to go to Italy this year and fly first-class…
…. But… (Notice your mind instinctively bringing you from fantasy to reality)…
“How can I afford to do that?”

The Internet is filled with posts from wantrepreneurs and disaffected 20-somethings who think the world owes them something.

Hey, I think it’s great to aim high. I once dreamed of going to the Kalahari in the Savannah, sometimes dreamt of swimming with the dolphins or having a fan club follow me around with a scribbling pad to record my hilarious jokes. Unfortunately I didn’t do it, and those jokes are now lost to history. My baaaaaad!

But if you ask WHEN am I going to do these amazing things…and more importantly HOW am I going to pay for it…?

I have no idea.
Adios dreams!

Here’s the truth: if you want to do amazing things, you need the money to do it.
It’s probably much less money than you think, but it’s also probably more than what you’re making now. And sorry frugalistas, skipping lattes and going one-ply isn’t going to cut it.

However since 2017 is the Year of Now, I’m going to cut to the chase. There aren’t endless different ways to get more money.

In fact, here are your three options:

  1. Cut costs: Cut back on areas you don’t love.
  2. Earn more: Get a raise, find a new job, start a business (Or even better- find someone who’ll adopt you for FREE).
  3. Optimize your spending: Optimize the spending you’re already doing (e.g., negotiate your parlour or cable bill).
    That’s right, I call it the CEO Strategy.

Most Indians could stand to cut back on some of their frivolous spending. Give me 15 minutes with your spending and I could cut it by 25%.

#2 — earning more. In fact…

There’s a limit to how much you can cut, but no limit to how much you can earn.What you do with that money — what you cross off your bucket list — that’s up to you…

You don’t have to agree with my choices. A lot of people think my choices are stupid.
But I love that they align with one of my values of spending for convenience.

I love convenience. I love doing things in my space and timeframe. I love waking up in the morning and seeing my meals for the day organized. I never worry if I’ve the right outfit to wear- I keep them ready the previous night. I even have my writing calendar ready to go each morning (including this post).Having those things in order helps me get results. I love the luxury of time and thought space; it’s my ultimate Spa.

Do you value convenience? Maybe you do. Or maybe convenience isn’t your primary driver. That’s okay!For some people it’s security. They don’t want to spend a lot on luxuries, or put too much money in vacations. Because the security of knowing they’ve got X amount in their savings account is important to their Rich Life.

For other people it’s the status of being in designer brands and driving the best car. Or the feeling they get when they travel somewhere exotic for the first time and experience something new.The point is, knowing what you value lets you double down and invest more on what’s important to you, while cutting out bullshit you don’t care about.

I’m curious about two things:

  1. What luxuries would YOU buy if money didn’t matter?
  2. WHY those luxuries? Do you even know?

No matter what it is, when you know your “why,” you can tap into the fuel source of every happy individual- FOCUS.

See, it doesn’t matter if you’re a design intern, a small business owner, or a Fortune 100 employee. Contended people are laser focused. And everyone around them knows it.

Now think back to 2006. The year Apple was finishing the iPhone. It’s 2pm on a Tuesday. Do you think Steve Jobs was picking up dry cleaning for his brother-in-law?

Hell no!

He was unapologetically focused. He knew that he only had so many hours in a day, and the only way he’d accomplish anything was to spend those hours on what really mattered. But it was only after knowing his “why” (creating insanely great products) that Jobs really kicked into high focus.

Remember…Less is more.

It’s true for Apple. It’s true for me (I don’t buy a ton of things, but I spend heavily on the things I love). And it’s true for you.

That’s why I wrote this blog- I want to show you how to say “no” to the nonsense, and laser focus on accomplishing ONE THING that could change your life in the next 90 days.

It could mean to

  • Eliminate the “noise” (unnecessary conversations) that takes up 70% of your free time but contributes nothing to your life
  • Create a business that generates the income you need to stop worrying about the little stuff and start living a Rich Life.
  • Stop being chained to a desk (or even a city) without giving up your life

If you’re ready to cut out distractions and take control of your life, now’s the time.

January 12, 2017 Author: webmaster
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