About Me


The ‘About Me’ pages are hard. I have one page to summarize about who I am, what I do, and how I am different in a clear, concise, and confident way! You may say, “No big deal! Just tell us why you matter in two to five paragraphs, without bragging!” Honestly, this is anything but easy.

I am a greedy soul; who isn’t? I want to grab everything that life has to offer. I want ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Yoda’ synchronized in one body! I want to have many friends and to have solitude, to work passionately and write good books, yet find time to travel, meet new people, live in the moment and also save money for retirement. I want to be selfish and to be selfless… You see- it isn’t easy to introduce myself with a label.

Over the past 10 years, as a psychologist (counselor), I’ve been fortunate enough to help people fix their life. I read, research, explore, experiment, contemplate, test, and refine ideas and values that define human experience. The people I meet inspire me; listening to their stories, seeing the hardships they overcome, their indispensable positivity and grit to deal with life. I’m stirred by the love people have for their country, work or children. And my own family inspires me; how meaningful they make my life!

I make mistakes. I laugh often. I trust easily. I observe quietly. I have a deep and abiding trust in the universe, and I always give it the benefit of doubt.

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